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We know that everyone on this planet is blessed and this body which is nothing but, a cluster of atoms. These atoms will melt and merge with the atmosphere as one if we were not all blessed with an immune system. This immune system helps deciphering us all as individuals. However, along the path of development and change, we did pick up and learn about pollutants such as hatred, jealousy, greed, deceit, pride and selfishness.

God forged us in a body where our only religion and culture was Love.

Love fosters trust, respect and care. Essentially, love not necessarily is bound to love for your life partner. It can be for your parents, religion, place or an animal. In our purview everybody loves something above everything. Bhagvad Gita says love is supposed to set you free and when you are hooked to something because of mere attraction or fulfillment of your needs; it can be attributed to as desire. Our objective is to make our planet a better place eliminating hate, adversities, battles and wars.

Buddha believed in everyone’s unlimited capacity to love and love can set us free. Leveraging the teachings of great spiritual leaders and Holy Scriptures to spread this message of love, joy, faith, harmony and peace; erasing the man- made boundaries from the face of mother Earth.

Let us join hands and let this message go viral that size and color is nothing but a combined effect of genetic, geographical and solar system. The anatomy of the body remains same and blood running in our veins will still be Red.

If aforesaid has sparked the humility within you and you would like to be a part of this revolutionary community then Virtuasoulmate welcomes you.

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